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From 3D-printed dresses to drones, these ladies hacked and innovated their way in to our hearts


15 remarkable moments from Maker Faire NYC

By Cynthia Allum on September 28, 2015

More than 95,000 curious creators, hackers, and tinkerers from all over the world descended upon the New York Hall of Science this past weekend to convene for the 6th annual Maker Faire New York. Makers exhibited throngs of 3D printers, droves of drones and roving robots, and attendees of all ages waddled through, occasionally rubber-necking to peek at madcap contraptions.

In an air-conditioned auditorium, 27-year-old fashion designer Danit Peleg was perched behind a sizable, sun-drenched window, meticulously linking 3D-printed plastic fragments together to create a slinky black dress. In a nearby dark room, where creators exhibited luminous projects, strollers stopped to admire Kieun Kim’s glowing “Revealuxion,” a futuristic headpiece with tentacles that lit up according to its wearer’s brainwaves and finger movements. “I was inspired by cocoons and marionettes,” she said.

Outside in 3D Printer Village, Mary Huang of ToyLab Co had her entourage of custom action figures standing before her, ready to attack. The twist? They were all women, suited up in inkjet-printed spandex, and the heroes in question included Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer, Xerox CEO Ursula Burns, and PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi. Further out in the Drone Zone, Edie Sellers piloted her pink “Barbie’s Dream Drone,” complete with LED lights. As it battled against another flying robot, crowds of fans pressed against the combat cage to watch it whiz and clash.

Check out some of our favorite women from the ultimate celebration of innovation, and be inspired to join the do-it-yourself movement.