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Woman ‘banned’ from party company’s Facebook for critiquing kids’ costumes

While shopping online for her 3-year-old daughter’s Halloween costume, Lin Kramer noticed that Party City had few career-based options for girls. “30% of the costumes you market to boys are based on occupations, while just under 7% of the costumes you market to girls are based on occupations,” she wrote on the company’s Facebook page, adding, “Toddler girls are not imagining and hoping that they will grow up to become a ‘sexy cop’ — which is clearly what your girl costume suggests.” Kramer said her letter and the company’s generic response was deleted from their page. Her commenting abilities have since been restored, but with companies like Disney, which recently removed gender labels from Halloween costumes and Target, which did the same with gender-based labels on their children’s toys, it may be time for Party City to take note and offer more dynamic costumes for young girls. As for Kramer’s daughter’s costume choice? She’s taken a liking to Mary Poppins and requested that her dad go as Bert – “while I am seriously considering going as Mrs. Banks — “Votes for Women” sash and all,” Kramer said.

Read the full story at Mashable.

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