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In NYC speech, Pope Francis thanks nuns: “I love you very much”

Nuns wave as Pope Francis arrives to lead a service at St Patrick's Cathedral on September 24, 2015 in New York City. (Carl Court/Getty Images)

Throughout this week’s journey to America, Pope Francis has been met with love and adoration from both the religious and secular, but no group has shown him more love than the nuns (they’ve even been tailgating in his honor!). In his first-ever trip to New York, he took time to thank the religious women of United States – including the hip new younger generation of nuns – to whom he asked, “What would the Church be without you?” Calling these women “fighters” who possess a spirit of courage that puts them along “front lines in the proclamation of the Gospel,” Pope Francis shared gratitude for the women who support nuns, as well. “To you, religious women, sisters and mothers of this people, I wish to say ‘thank you,’” he said, “A big thank you… and to tell you that I love you very much.”

Watch the pope giving his remarks at CNN.

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