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From slices of a dead woman’s body, scientists create virtual human

A cross section of a human body, from The Visible Human Project. Photo via Wikimedia

Scientists at the Visible Human Project are creating “virtual humans” for the sake of medical research and the world’s most detailed digital body has been formed from a woman’s body, according to New Scientist. More than 5,000 slices, taken at one-third of a millimeter intervals, were selected from the frozen cadaver of a 59-year-old obese Maryland woman who died from heart failure, and used to created the 3D version of a human body, researchers say. The project used her body with her husband’s permission and that of another male for the project, which will provide “ten times as much information as you’d get from an MRI scan,” according to Dr. Fernando Bello of Imperial College London. The digital body will be used for experiments too dangerous to try on humans. Anyone can download the images to their computer for the purpose of conducting research.

Read the full story at The Telegraph.

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