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‘American Masters: The Women’s List’ honors 15 diverse female achievers

Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winning author Toni Morrison. (Frank Polich/Getty Images)

Shonda Rhimes, Madeline Albright and Margaret Cho are among the 15 American women whose lives and careers will be honored in American Masters: The Women’s List, which premieres on PBS tonight at 9p.m. Author Toni Morrison, a groundbreaker in her own right, opens the documentary with an introductory piece written specifically for The Women’s List, a group that also includes pilot Nia Wordlaw and designer Betsey Johnson. All of the women featured have seen struggles in achieving the great success for which they are known, and the film offers a no-frills approach to storytelling. “The reason I am a feminist is because of my own experience,” said lawyer Gloria Allred, who is currently representing a handful of the 50+ women who have accused Bill Cosby of drugging or sexual assault. “I have been a person who was unable to get an abortion…. If a person is not a feminist, I have to believe they are a bigot,” she said.

Learn more about the women featured in the documentary at PBS.

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