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Praise for professor who took baby from single mom and carried on teaching

Photo via Facebook

A mother who had to bring her toddler to university with her discovered an unanticipated depth of empathy in her professor. Amanda Obson is a student at DeVry University in Nashville, and had no choice but to bring her two-year-old son to class with her this week. Little Xzavier decided mid-lesson that he’d like to be held by Professor Joel Bunkowske, who was very obliging. He “was amazing, patient and kind,” Osbon told ABC News 2. She was initially embarrassed, she said, but relieved when Bunkowske noted that everyone struggles, putting her at ease. The happy outcome brings to mind the similar story of Professor Sydney Engelberg, in Israel, whose daughter Sarit Fishbaine proudly shared a photo of him soothing a fussy baby and conducting his class. In the caption, she said that a student whose baby had started to cry had gone to leave the class, but was stopped by Engelberg, who took the baby in his arms, calmed it and then “continued the class as if nothing had happened”. “Show me another professor who does that,” wrote Fishbaine. Voila, Professor Bunkowske! And kudos to both understanding educators.

Read the full story at WKRN-TV.


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