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Photographer tirelessly documents child brides, to raise awareness of abuses

A bold photo initiative has evolved into the “Too Young to Wed” campaign. National Geographic photographer Stephanie Sinclair met Meignon, 16, in a safe-house in Herat, Afghanistan when she began documenting the struggles of child brides. “In my whole life, I’ve never felt love,” she told Sinclair, reflecting on years of abuse. Meignon was only 11 when her father sold her to a married 60-year-old man for two boxes of heroin. Every year, 14.2 million girls are forced to marry before they are 18 – a tradition that can leave girls vulnerable to abuse, poverty and death from childbirth and other health complications. The “Too Young to Wed” campaign, sparked by that meeting and Sinclair’s sense of powerlessness to help, aims to raise awareness and funds to assist girls who cannot escape the cycle of child marriage. Sinclair’s inability to really help Meignon has inspired her to continue with the campaign, photographing girls in several countries, including Ethiopia, Kenya and Nepal.

Read the full story at the Huffington Post.

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