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Collateral damage

Defunding Planned Parenthood would reduce health care for 650,000 women

September 24, 2015

Last Friday, the House of Representatives approved a bill to defund Planned Parenthood unless its clinics and affiliates would stop performing abortions. The Congressional Budget Office looked at what the consequences of such a decision would be — and the results aren’t pretty. They found that, if they cut off funding for one year, the federal government would save $235 million (“barely a rounding error in the federal budget” according to The Los Angles Times), while 650,000 women, mostly from low-income communities, would at least lose some access to health care, as it would temper the organization’s ability to provide “contraceptive education and counseling; pregnancy diagnosis and counseling; cervical and breast cancer screening; and education, testing, and referral services associated with sexually transmitted diseases.” Cutting of Planned Parenthood permanently would even increase the federal budget with 130 million over 10 years, as a result of thousands of unwanted births.

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