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ISIS’ warpath

After being ‘raped by American jihadi’, Yazidi woman called to testify before Congress

By WITW Staff on September 24, 2015

In an exclusive interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, a young Yazidi woman, who wishes to be called by the name Bazi, said she was raped by a member of the Islamic State who told her he was from the United States. “There was nothing left to do to me. They did everything,” she said of the fighter, who called himself Abu Abdullah Al Amriki. Bazi was purchased as a slave at a market in Raqqah and then forced to marry the pale-skinned ISIS fighter, who kept the woman in an underground jail on his property. Bazi said before she managed to escape, her captor told her she was being held and raped because she was not a Muslim, but Yazidi. She made her way to the United States with help from a minority rights activist and will now give evidence to the FBI and Congress about what she and other Yazidi women have endured.

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