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16-year old girl wins Google Science Fair with project to detect ebola

Olivia Hallisey, a 16-year old girl from Connecticut, has won the Google Science Fair with her fast and cheap test that doesn’t require refrigeration (like current tests) and could potentially detect the deadly ebola virus in under 30 minutes.  “Current Ebola detection methods are complex, expensive, require unbroken refrigeration from manufacture to use and up to 12 hours from testing to confirmed diagnosis” she wrote in her project description. “The [test] provides rapid, inexpensive, accurate detection of Ebola viral antigens based on color change within 30 minutes in individuals prior to their becoming symptomatic and infectious.” While her test is proven to be able to detect a protein from the ebola virus, it hasn’t been tested yet on patients or the actual virus. If her invention proves viable, it could help with the early detection of the virus and turn out to be a real lifesaver. As winner of the Science Fair, Hallisey was awarded  $50,000 in scholarship funding by Google.

Read the full story at TechInsider.

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