Boys club buster

Saleswoman sues investment bank for excluding her from all-male ski trips

Dalal Alaoui Belghiti, a former saleswoman at Jefferies Group in London, is suing the investment bank for $5.4 million because she claims that she had been excluded from the firm’s annual ski trip for employees and high-level clients, which had “evolved into a men-only trip” that denied her important networking opportunities. “It was well known at Jefferies that alcohol-fueled parties and sexual activity constituted much of the entertainment during the ski trip,” Belghiti said in a statement, alleging that her colleagues treated women as “sex objects” and fostered “a culture of discrimination,” which lead her to quit. Jefferies Group called her claims meritless, and argued that she was excluded because she never had any clients going on these trips.

Read the full story at Bloomberg.

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