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British women reveal their secret to cutting the monthly budget

Photo via Earthwise Girls/Facebook

Over the course of a menstruating British woman’s life, the cost of tampons, sanitary pads and other period-related goods can add up to the tune of £18,450. Switching to reusable cloth sanitary pads, like those featured in the Telegraph this week, can help save around £8,400 – and those are just the cost benefits. Environmentally, reusable pads save landfills from disposable products, which are rarely decomposable and often include plastic. As for tampons, it’s unclear what chemicals and contaminants they hold. There’s also no research that proves them to be unequivocally safe over the course of a lifetime. Cloth sanitary pads, made from cotton and bamboo, address these concerns and can be washed or boiled at home. Many of the companies offering these products are woman-owned as well, for those hoping to keep the sisterhood economy strong. And if none of the above is compelling to you, there’s always the comfort factor. As one 35-year-old woman who swears by them noted, “They were far more comfortable than I expected, like fluffy vagina blankets.”

Read the full story at The Telegraph.


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