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Men only

Uttar Pradesh council bans cell phones, t-shirts and jeans for girls

By WITW Staff on September 21, 2015

More than 10 villages in the Muzaffarnagar and Saharanpur districts of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh will implement a ban that disallows girls from using cellphones and wearing t-shirts or jeans. The president of the Muslim council that issued the diktat told the Times of India, “We don’t think it is good for unmarried girls to use mobile phones. God forbid, if they talk to someone (men), it results in increase of crimes and mischief, so we have banned it. In fact, I think only the married men, the responsible men should carry mobile phones.” The 17-member village council is entirely comprised of upper-caste men and serves as a de-facto court. Because of the brutal forms of punishment doled out to those who fail to follow their rules, some activists have labeled the councils the “Taliban of India.”

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