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“Thinkers and doers”

President Obama pays tribute to the women of the civil rights movement

By WITW Staff on September 21, 2015

During his keynote speech to the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s annual awards dinner on Saturday night, President Obama paid tribute to the “foot soldiers” of the civil rights movement — African-American women: “Even if they weren’t allowed to run the civil rights organizations on paper, behind the scenes they were the thinkers and the doers making things happen each and every day, doing the work that no one else wanted to do,” he said. But while praising the progress black women have made, he also noted they are still overrepresented in low-paying jobs and underrepresented in management. When talking about the stereotypes and social pressures black women face, he invoked his own wife Michelle Obama — who had repeatedly been told by teachers that she set her goals too high — and argued that those attitudes still resonate: “So we all have to be louder than the voices that are telling our girls they’re not good enough, that they’ve got to look a certain way or they’ve got to act a certain way or set their goals at a certain level.”

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