Call for unity

Merkel warns other European countries “we must act together” on refugee crisis

A migrant family gathers with a few hundred others in wait for a train to Germany in Budapest. (Mauricio Lima/The New York Times)

Ahead of an emergency summit during which European leaders will discuss the ongoing refugee crisis, German chancellor Angela Merkel urged other European countries to take their responsibility. More than 500,000 immigrants who are fleeing war or poverty in their countries are entering the European Union this year alone, but its member states have failed to formulate a unified response. An emergency summit of the European leadership in Brussels on Wednesday will try to look for answers to the crisis. “Germany is willing to help. But it is not just a German challenge, but one for all of Europe,” Merkel told a meeting of the Verdi trade union ahead of Wednesday’s summit. “Europe must act together and take on responsibility. Germany can’t shoulder this task alone.“ Taking a harder stance on migration than in weeks before, Merkel also said that Germany would not be able to take in those immigrants fleeing for economic reasons, saying “We are a big country. We are a strong country. But to make out as if we alone can solve all the social problems of the world would not be realistic.”

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