Indian woman authorities say was “operative of ISIS” deported from Dubai

Afsha Jabeen

An intense, nine-month surveillance operation conducted in three countries culminated in the arrest and deportation of a 38-year-old Indian woman who had been living in Dubai and working as an “operative of ISIS,” authorities said last week. Afsha Jabeen, who officials say goes by the nickname “Nicky Joseph,” was allegedly posing as a British national while living in Dubai and working as a recruiter for the the terror extremists. She was arrested at the Rajiv Ghandi International Airport after months of surveillance, a collaborative effort by multiple intelligence agencies. Authorities say she operated the “Islam vs. Christianity Friendly Discussions” page on Facebook, which she used to recruit potential militants for ISIS, primarily targeting young men and women in India. Jabeen’s arrest has authorities concerned about other ISIS operatives that may be targeting India’s youth for recruitment in Jihad. Jabeen is married and only this week, following her arrest, did her husband learn of the secret life she’s allegedly been leading.

Read the full story at The New Indian Express.


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