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Teen girl, also arrested for science project, reaches out to Ahmed Mohamed: “Let’s start a movement!”

September 18, 2015

Ahmed Mohamed, the 14-year-old boy arrested in Texas for building a clock that school officials mistook for a bomb, has received a massive outpouring of global support since social media took up his cause this week. #IStandWithAhmed got the attention of President Obama, who extended an invitation to the White House, engineers at Twitter, Google and Facebook, and someone who has uniquely been in his shoes before. Kiera Wilmont, now 19, was arrested in 2013 on bomb charges after a makeshift volcano science project she had built and brought to her Florida high school began to smoke while she was showing it to friends. Like the teachers at Mohamed’s school, officials alerted local police and she was arrested. Mohamed’s detainment brought her back to that day, she told ABC in an interview this week. “I thought ‘He’s only in ninth grade,'” Wilmont said. “He has to go back to that school and go through four more years of people asking him ‘Hey, aren’t you the kid who made the bomb?'” Charges were eventually dropped and Wilmont now studies engineering at Florida Polytechnic. For her younger, science-loving comrade, she has choice advice: “I’d tell Ahmed he’s got to keep his head up,” she added. “He’s got to show them that he’s not going to let this ignorance get him down.” According to the interview, she hopes to meet Mohamed and tell him, “Let’s start a movement!”

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