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On the money

Brits are laughing at Jeb’s idea of putting Thatcher on the $10 bill

By WITW Staff on September 18, 2015

At Wednesday night’s Republican debate, moderator Jake Tapper asked each of the candidates which woman they would like to see grace the new $10 bill. Some candidates, like Mike Huckabee, dodged the question; Carly Fiorina completely dismissed it and others gave genuine answers. But one candidate completely bungled the question. Jeb Bush said he’d like to see the late Margaret Thatcher, former British Prime Minister, appear on the 10-spot. Laughs and jeers came in from both sides of the pond as Bush was roundly ridiculed for the suggestion. Some in the U.K. said toilet paper rather than paper currency was the proper place to display her image. Ouch. Meanwhile, in the wake of a torrent of criticism, Bush quickly backed off his Thatcher idea. A recent poll found that former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt, who wasn’t mentioned by any of the candidates at the debate, is the leading choice to be the new face of the $10 bill.

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