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Naked controversy

Times Square “desnuda” brings toddler along to panhandle topless

By WITW Staff on September 17, 2015

The topless Times Square panhandler drama that caused a huge ruckus in New York City this summer took a strange new turn when one of the topless women brought her 2-year-old daughter along to pose for photos and ask for cash tips. Maria Diaz, one of the “desnudas” who pose topless alongside photo-snapping tourists, showed up on Broadway in the middle of Times Square with her toddler, who was also topless. The scene immediately caught the attention of other Times Square characters. A man who dresses as batman took photos and video of the mother-daughter duo and said he was outraged. Eventually police told Diaz to cover her daughter up, at which point she left Times Square for the day.

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