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Precocious kid

Town’s only monthly newspaper is published by an 8-year-old girl

By WITW Staff on September 15, 2015

Watch out Mort Zuckerman! There’s an 8-year-old Pennsylvania girl who’s poised to become the news and media mogul of the next generation. Little Hilde Lysiak, 8, goes way beyond old-fashioned shoe-leather reporting. She speeds around Selinsgrove, a small town situated in the Susquehanna River Valley, on her bicycle in search of stories to fill her monthly newspaper, The Orange Street News. She totes a smartphone to snap photos and isn’t afraid to knock on doors, notebook in hand, to ask probing questions. The Columbia Journalism Review profiles Hilde in a colorful story. In it we learn that Hilde, like many a reporter, eschews the feel-good stories and instead prefers to cover hard-hitting news. A CJR reporter followed Hilde as she interviewed locals in the wake of a tornado that ripped through town and left a small path of destruction. Where’d she get her passion for journalism? Her father, Matt. He’s a journalist and is a former reporter for The New York Daily News. Hilde often visited the newsroom and even accompanied him on stakeouts. The pedigree and experience has resulted in Hilde developing a true knack for a good story. In fact, one recent story she ran in The Orange Street News centered on students at the local high school, but it just as easily could’ve been about her father’s former employer. Its headline: “Print is dead.”

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