Aunt of drowned 3-year-old Syrian boy whose photo went viral speaks out


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Earlier this month, a heartbreaking photo of a 3-year-old Syrian boy whose lifeless body washed up on a beach in Turkey captured the world’s attention. Alan Kurdi, who fled the war-torn nation with his family, drowned along with his mother and brother. The boy and his family were reportedly trying to reach Canada, where they had relatives. Now, Tima Kurdi, the boy’s aunt who lives in Canada has traveled to Brussels and is lobbying European leaders, adding her voice to the many who are calling for a comprehensive solution to the refugee crisis that’s been unfolding there. In a sobering video interview, a BBC reporter asks Tima about the photo of her young nephew, the son of her brother, an image that has come to symbolize the refugees’ plight. “It’s a message from God,” Tima responded. “All that’s said in that picture touched millions of people worldwide.” The night before her brother fled with his wife and two boys, she exchanged text messages with him — and in the interview, she reveals her brother’s final message before setting off on the fateful voyage.

Read the full story at BBC News.


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