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U.S. needs more women cops, Op-Ed writer says

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In an Op-Ed for Al Jazeera, journalist Christopher Moraff argues that America is desperately in need of more women cops on the beat. As the nation struggles with how to address deadly police shootings and diversity within police departments, Moraff contends that the best way to improve diversity is to hire more women. He presents some compelling statistics to back up his argument. Citing data first analyzed by The Washington Post, Moraff shows that women are far less likely to fire their guns while on duty than male officers are. Moreover, fewer civilian complaints are lodged against women cops and are less likely than their male counterparts to use excessive force in dicey situations. For the better part of American history, policing has been a male-dominated profession — and that trend continues, Moraff notes. According to FBI data, only 12 percent of active duty officers. The way to find police officers with more nuanced skills, he writes, is to hire more women.

Read the full story at Al Jazeera.

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