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Women problem for Donald Trump? Not yet

By WITW Staff on September 11, 2015

The Summer of Trump isn’t over just yet. The bombastic real estate scion and reality TV star has confounded experts and pollsters over the last three months by surging to the top of nearly every poll — all while insulting scores of people along the way. Even more confounding, given some of Trump’s caustic and sexist language, is that his support among Republican women voters is on the rise. A CNN/ORC poll released Thursday shows Trump’s lead among GOP women has rocketed to 33 percent. A month ago it stood at 20 percent. Those numbers don’t reflect Trump’s latest incendiary remarks about rival Carly Fiorina, the only woman in the Republican field, in which he insulted her looks. But he’s somehow emerged unscathed after previous similar comments, like those leveled at Fox News host Megyn Kelly last month. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton, who’s seen evidence of a possible women problem, is trying to stem declining support among women Democratic voters by actively wooing women voters, according to The Wall Street Journal. And how is she doing that? For one thing, she’s begun launching attacks on Trump.

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