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Nifty Apple device relieves anxious aspect of high-risk pregnancy

Sure, Apple and Adobe may have teamed up for a sexist gaffe in a Photoshop demonstration on Wednesday, but the tech giant got at least one thing right at its high-profile San Francisco event. A new product Apple introduced, Airstrip, aims to improve one of the more excruciating aspects expectant mothers must endure if they have a high-risk pregnancy. The Non-Stress Test, or NST, used by by medical professionals in the third trimester to assess fetal health, is — as Gizmodo’s Alissa Walker puts it — a misnomer. “It should really be called a High-Stress Test because of the anguish it puts parents through,” she wrote in a piece on Apple’s new fetal monitoring system. The newly-unveiled device makes the highly complex and uncomfortable process doctors use to monitor a fetus’s well-being a lot more bearable, convenient — and, most importantly, effective. The big advance the product makes is to better differentiate the mother’s heartbeat from baby’s heartbeat, a task that’s typically a tricky one using current technology. On top of all that, the device will shoot all of the data on a baby’s health to a mom’s (and/or dad’s) Apple watch. It’ll even send the data to an expectant mother’s doctor. Walker declared the new product is “one of the best things” the tech giant has ever done for women’s health.

Read the full story at Gizmodo.

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