Symbolic victory

Five workers raped at Florida farm awarded $17.5m

An aerial view of a Florida farm. (REUTERS/Joe Skipper)

Five women who were raped and sexually harassed at the South Florida vegetable packing plant where they worked have been awarded almost $17.5 million by a federal jury. Nevertheless, it is unlikely that they will see any of that money, as the plant has closed down, and the three men – including two sons of the owner of Moreno Farms – were never arrested. “It’s more of a symbolic victory,” said Victoria Mesa-Estrada, the lawyer representing the women. “The women knew that when the case was brought. But for them it was a question of justice.” Three of the women had been raped, while two other women were able to escape an attempted rape – but they were all fired for resisting the three men. The women, who came from Mexico and Central America, will be granted special U-visas for victims of crime who have assisted law enforcement in their prosecution.

Read the full story at the Guardian.

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