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Communal living

Daughter of Hitler’s architect maintains open-door policy for refugees

By WITW Staff on September 11, 2015

“The decision was very simple,” Hilde Schramm told the BBC this week. “We had space here and everyone agreed to it.” The 79-year-old daughter of Adolf Hitler’s architect Albert Speer, has spent her life fighting racism and currently has two Syrian refugees living in her home in Berlin for eight months – and said there’s always room for more. “My Syrian lodgers bring friends,” she explained. Those living in her home, which she purchased in 1968 with her husband and another couple, “have to live as a different kind of community.” Nizar and Ahmad, the two men currently residing with Schramm, came to Berlin to escape civil war and left their families behind. “In the [German] reception center, there is nothing to do,” Ahmad said, adding, “You just sit and wait. You can’t do anything. You can’t learn German, there’s no internet. It’s bad. Coming here, it was so fantastic. I could call my family and cook again.” The group shares meals and chores have “no problems,” Schramm said. Her mission is to continue promoting peace and hopes others do the same, adding, “Whoever has space for a refugee, should take one home.”

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