Medical miracle

Surgeons separate conjoined twins during 16-hour operation

Doctors in Columbus, Ohio, pulled off nothing short of a medical miracle last week when they separated two 11-month-old twin girls who had been conjoined at their mid-sections. Acen and Apio Akello are now recovering in the hospital after a dramatic surgery that was months in the making. Dr. Gail Besner, the chief surgeon who led the operation, told ABC News that 30 medical staff members at Nationwide Children’s Hospital spent “several hundred hours” preparing for the risky and state-of-the-art surgical procedure. 3D models of the girls internal organs were made, to allow surgeons to practice techniques for what was a challenging operation. Besner said the girls’ mother did a celebratory dance when she delivered the news to her that the babies had successfully been separated. The girls have been released from the ICU but are expected to remain in the hospital for some time to continue receiving therapy and allowing them to adjust to a new life that’s not so connected.

Read the full story at ABC News.

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