Camerawoman fired after kicking and tripping up refugees

Screen Shot via Youtube

While the ongoing refugee crisis in Europe is bringing out the best in some people, it is bringing out the worst in others. A Hungarian camerawoman who was caught on camera tripping up refugees (including children) on Tuesday as they fled from the police has been fired by her employer, the N1TV station. The woman was filming migrants who were trying to escape their holding camps in Hungary to cross over to countries more welcoming to refugees, like Austria and Germany.  In a video, captured by a German correspondent, she could be seen deliberately tripping up a father running away from the police with his child in his arms. Later videos show her kicking other refugees (including a young girl) in the leg. Thousands took to Twitter to shame the woman for her appalling actions, and her employer quickly issued a statement saying the woman had been fired because “the camera operator behavior was completely unacceptable.”

Read the full story at CNN.


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