Top student receives zero on all her exams, alleges corruption

Image via Facebook/دموع مريم

Social media users in Egypt have rallied behind a star student, after she received the lowest scores on all of her exams, prompting allegations of corruption and injustice. Mariam Malak is one of the country’s best-scoring students, achieving nearly perfect marks in previous years, but was devastated to discover she had scored 0 out of 100 on all seven exams she took. “I was completely shocked,” Malak told the BBC. “I couldn’t hear anyone, I couldn’t speak. I thought how can that happen? How can I get zero?” While allegations that she was discriminated against for being part of the Coptic Christian minority have been dismissed, her family believes bribery or corruption might be at play. A Facebook page in support of Malak has already received more than 30,000 likes, and thousands of others are tweeting their support using the hashtag “I believe Mariam Malak.” Her family hopes her grades will still be reviewed, and have already met with the country’s prime minister, Ibrahim Mahlab, to plead their case.

Read the full story at BBC.

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