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Islamophobic crime up 70% in London, women are main target

Members of the Muslim community arrive to pray at the East London Mosque. Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

A disconcerting statistic from the U.K.: Islamophobic hate crimes in London, ranging from cyber-bullying to more extreme and violent attacks, have risen by 70 percent according to police statistics. The police attribute this rise to “improved methods of recording crime.” The U.K. charity Tell MAMA (“Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks”) noted that some 60 percent of these attacks were directed against women, whose increased visibility when wearing a hijab or headscarf left them more vulnerable. The niqab (face veil) in particular seemed to incite the most aggressive attacks, said Fiyaz Mughal, director of the organization. Mak Chishty, the commander overseeing the London Met police hate crime unit, believes there are several reasons women are targeted more, telling the BBC, “Their physical attire obviously says they are Muslim, they are normally by themselves and with children and the cowardice shown by perpetrators is that it is easier to attack a women with children than it is a man.”

Read the full story at BBC.

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