NFL coach defends decision to accept Mayweather’s invitation

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The NFL’s first female coach, Jen Welter, who just finished a coaching internship with the Arizona Cardinals, drew criticism for accepting Floyd Mayweather’s invitation to sit ringside at his match this weekend. Mayweather has a history of violence against women, but Welter — who has a PhD in psychology — believes that his reaching out to her could be seen as extending an olive branch: “I am very anti-domestic violence, and the spotlight that is shown on domestic violence through sports creates a possibility where we can say, ‘No this isn’t ok and we can change it.’ Me accepting this ticket does not mean I support his past, but hopefully it is a way to be an instrument for change in the future,” she told USA Today. While Welter hasn’t met the boxer in person, she requested time with him as a condition to accept the invitation.

Read the full story at USA Today.

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