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Trooper teachers

“Gynecological Teaching Associates” use their bodies to guide med students through pelvic exams

By WITW Staff on September 6, 2015

Getting a gynecological exam is not pleasant under any circumstances, but some brave women submit to several “pap smears” a day — for the sake of science, of course. The Washington Post reports that Gynecological Teaching Associates (or GTAs) are non-medical instructors trained to guide med students through pelvic and breast exams, using their own bodies as “dummies” for the students to practice on. The field tends to attract actors, but retail workers, baristas, and professors have been known to participate as well, according to the Post.

“The more I learned about it, I was like, ‘This is so amazing,’” said Jill Petrosillo, a gynaecological instructor at Eastern Virginia Medical School. “What a great thing for women’s health and education purposes.”

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