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Hillary Clinton to launch new women’s issues initiative for her campaign

REUTERS/Scott Morgan

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Hillary Clinton’s famous 1995 Beijing speech during which she declared that “women’s rights are human rights,” the presidential candidate is launching a new initiative focused on women’s issues. Clinton does not want women’s issues to be a separate “silo,” as it was in her 2008 campaign. Instead, she wants the cause to inform every aspect of her campaign. For example, the global women’s agenda she promoted as secretary of state will be part of her foreign policy platform, and “expanding paid leave” for new mothers will be a part of her overall economic strategy. Moreover, on Saturday, she is launching “Women for Hillary” — a two-week effort to rally the support of women voters, as well as a new marketing campaign that will “offer regular subscriptions for home deliveries of some of Clinton’s favorite household items and branded products.” With those initiatives, Clinton is hoping to connect with women voters, as well as move the attention away from her ongoing email controversy.

Read the full story at USA Today.

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