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Without birthing kit, pregnant Ugandan women turned away from centers

A nurse helps out a mother at Kisenyi health centre in Uganda's capital. REUTERS/James Akena

For women in rural Uganda, traveling to a birthing center in time to give birth is a challenge, but the difficulties don’t end once the journey is made. They are expected to provide medical staff with a birthing kit, a $5 package that includes a plastic sheet to ensure the procedure is completed hygienically. Without the help of doctors, women who have been turned away for lacking a birthing kit have died from complications. A group named Think Humanity told The Huffington Post that since 2010, it has collected 5,000 kits to provide pregnant women in Uganda that include a plastic sheet, soap, gloves, a sterile scalpel blade, cords, and gauze squares.

Read the full story at the The Huffington Post.

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