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Maxim Korea accused of glorifying violence against women

Maxim Korea has been accused of glorifying violence against women in its September issue. The magazine’s cover shows Korean actor Kim Byung-ok—deemed the “The Real Bad Guy”—smoking a cigarette next to the trunk of a car, where the bound legs of woman hang lifelessly. Inside the magazine, he is shown pulling the woman from the trunk (from her perspective) and seen carrying a black garbage bag by a body of water. Youngbi Lee, editor-in-chief of Maxim Korea, responded to the backlash by saying there is “no hint of a sexual offense” in the series. “As you can see, in the context of the cover, we show a heinous crime such as murder and abandonment of a dead body, but the image does not depict sex crimes,” he told Women You Should Know.

Read the full story at Women You Should Know.

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