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Jen Welter, first woman coach, is no longer in the NFL

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

It was only a few weeks ago, in late July, that the Arizona Cardinals announced they had hired Jen Welter as an assistant coaching intern, in a historical move that would make her “the NFL’s first female coach”. What many people didn’t realize at the time was that the internship was always designed to only last through the first three pre-season games. So, despite hopes that Welter would be hired later on for the full season, from both fans and players, she is no longer coaching with the Arizona Cardinals (and neither are the other coaching interns). The team has issued no official statement on the issue, but Welter herself told Fortune that the duration of the internship was always clear to her – adding that “she would happily talk with any other interested teams, would like to keep coaching in the league, and she is still optimistic that her Cardinals internship could lead to a permanent job next season, even though it didn’t this year.”

Read the full story at Fortune.

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