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Don't stand so close

Woman found guilty of taking up a cop’s energy and time

By WITW Staff on September 2, 2015

A 30-year-old Pittsburgh woman was recently fined $300 by a judge who found her guilty of taking up a police officer’s energy and time. Back in April, Kimberly Bracken was riding her bike in Pittsburgh when she happened upon the arrest of a teenager that was in progress. A police officer told her to leave the scene, saying there was another suspect at large. Bracken ignored his multiple requests for her to leave, and said she continued to watch the arrest of an armed juvenile from about 50 feet away. She testified that several police officers were on the scene and the situation was under control. Bracken told police she thought it was important for another objective observer to monitor the situation. Bracken’s lawyer plans to appeal the judge’s decision, and the case has sparked a civil rights debate.

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