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Study: Most women with menopausal symptoms don’t seek treatment

A woman photographs roses at Regent's Park in London. REUTERS/Neil Hall

Up to half of women in menopause experience symptoms like night sweats and hot flashes, but few seek treatment for relief, according to an Australian study recently published in the journal Menopause. “From my interactions with colleagues from across the globe, I do not believe that what we have observed is Australian-specific,” senior author Dr. Susan R. Davis told Reuters Health. “The management of menopause has been relatively similar in the U.K., the U.S.A. and in Australia.” Survey responses from 1,500 women ages 40 to 65 found that 17 percent were experiencing such symptoms and only 11 percent reported using hormone replacement therapy. Women fail to seek treatment because they are uncertain about options, and doctors are unsure of what to prescribe them, according to Davis. Many women do not realize the effectiveness of non-hormonal options as well, she said.

Read the full story at Reuters Health.

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