Photo flap

Cindy Crawford felt “manipulated and conflicted” over fake “unretouched” photos

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Earlier this year, an “un-Photoshopped” image of Cindy Crawford from a Marie Claire photoshoot leaked and went viral, with many people praising the 49-year old supermodel for her courage and inspiring body confidence in women. But Crawford herself remained silent, and has only now addressed the “controversy” for the first time. In an interview with Elle Canada, she said that after the photo leaked, she had approached the photographer, John Russo, who told her the image had been stolen and altered to “make whatever was there worse.” Crawford explained she was torn about how to respond, and then decided to keep silent, as the photo was receiving such a positive response from women everywhere. “It put me in a tough spot: I couldn’t come out against it because I’m rejecting all these people who felt good about it, but I also didn’t embrace it because it wasn’t real — and even if it were real, I wouldn’t have wanted it out there. I felt really manipulated and conflicted, so I kept my mouth shut.”

Read the full story at The Independent.

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