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2016 race

Carly Fiorina takes on CNN over debate criteria — and wins

By WITW Staff on September 2, 2015

Former Hewlett-Packard chief executive and 2016 candidate Carly Fiorina notched a major victory ahead of the second Republican primary debate taking place later this month. Fiorina, the only woman seeking the GOP nomination, was going to be squeezed out of the September 16 debate on CNN because the network was using polling data collected before and after the first debate on August 6 to determine which 10 candidates would take the stage. Prior to the August 6 debate, Fiorina was barely registering in polls. After her dazzling performance in the “happy hour” debate, however, Fiorina has surged in several national and state polls. In fact, a poll of Iowa voters released over the weekend showed that Fiorina has risen to third in that all-important state, trailing only Donald Trump and Ben Carson. Despite her upswing in recent polls, her lower numbers from earlier polls were pulling her overall average down, disqualifying her from the competition. But Fiorina launched an intense shaming campaign against CNN, and on Tuesday, the network decided to change its criteria in a way that will likely result in more than 10 candidates taking part — and Fiorina being among them.

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