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Black women appearing on 7 different September magazine covers


Beyonce appears on the cover of the September issue of Vogue magazine. She’s appeared on the cover of Vogue twice before, however in the iconic fashion mag’s entire history, only two other black women have also graced its cover, according to Mic: Naomi Campbell in 1999 and Halle Berry five years ago. That startling absence of black women on the covers of fashion-related magazines is beginning to turn around — at least for the month of September. In total, seven influential magazines with links to the fashion world are featuring black women on their covers. Serena Williams, who cruised to a first-round win at the U.S. Open on Monday, is gracing the cover of New York magazine. Singer Ciara can be seen looking buff on the cover of Shape magazine and Misty Copeland is gracing the cover of Essence. And that is just half of the magazines. As the fashion industry looks for chances to embrace diversity, this is a natural surge of momentum to be capitalized upon.

Read the full story and see all seven covers at Mic.com.

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