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On stage

Zhang Huoding, China’s Peking Opera star, making U.S. debut

By WITW Staff on September 1, 2015

Zhang Huoding, one of China’s greatest Peking Opera stars, will make her debut in the United States on September 2, starring in “The Legend of the White Snake” at the David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center in New York City. “Me and other performers are trying our best to let more people know about Peking Opera,” 44-year-old Huoding told The New York Times, adding, “We’re devoted to this art form and want others to recognize its beauty.” Huoding, who was the first star of the Peking Opera genre to perform solo at the seat of China’s central government in 2007, is also the subject of a documentary being made by Wong Kar-wai. The Chinese mega-star first fell in love with Peking Opera style at age 9 and also teaches the art at National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts in Beijing.

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