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Some women are getting Botox injections under their hair

Need a trick for cutting down on the costly “hair and makeup tax” that Hillary Clinton lamented about earlier this summer? You might want to try Botox injections in your scalp — or “Blowtox” injections, as some are women in New York City are calling them. Why, you wonder? Because Botox, in addition to its signature skin-firming qualities, also works as an effective sweat-blocker. And sweat can wreak havoc on a carefully arranged hairstyle. Botox injected under the hair gives women the ability to work out without sweating, and otherwise ruining a perfect hairstyle. The treatments are not cheap though. They can run about $1,500 a pop and each treatment lasts for about six to nine months. No word on whether doctors are offering package deals for Botox face and scalp injections yet.

Read the full story at Fast Company.

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