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New Feminist Frequency video addresses “women as prizes” in games

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Anita Sarkeesian — the famous media critic and founder of “Feminist Frequency,” which emerged during the height of the GamerGate controversy —  just released the latest video in her Tropes vs. Women in Video Games series. In it, she discusses how many popular video games use the pernicious trope of offering up women as hyper-sexualized trophies. Citing a wide range of popular games such as Metroid, Grand Theft Auto, Resident Evil, and Metal Gear as examples, she details how women are used as rewards for a man’s “virtue” and how this contributes to intense male entitlement. “The Women as Reward trope is set up to fulfill a very specific male entitlement-oriented fantasy,” she says in the video. “In many cases game creators may not even realize their mechanics are working to cement this mentality, but when games use a woman’s affection, her body or her sexuality as a carrot on a stick, they’re actively encouraging men to think of women as objects, prizes and status symbols.” Anita Sarkeesian has often been the target of terrible online abuse for her critical of certain video games. She discussed her experience with online harassment at our Women in the World Summit in New York last April.

Watch the video here.

Read the full story at Engadget.


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