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In Alison’s name

Parents of slain U.S. journalist Alison Parker push for gun control

By WITW Staff on August 31, 2015

Only five days after their daughter Alison was shot dead while conducting an interview on live television, Andy and Barbara Parker have pledged to help end gun violence in the United States. “Alison would be really mad at me if I didn’t take this on,” Andy Parker told CNN, adding, “These people are messing with the wrong family. We are going to effect a change.” The parents have appeared on numerous networks and given a news conference in the days following the death of their daughter, a reporter for WDBJ in Roanoke, Virginia, and a cameraman, who were killed on air by a former station employee. “You can’t change the world in a day. But we cannot be intimidated, we cannot be pushed aside,” Barbara Parker said.

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