Movement on Twitter aims to halt Saudi women’s first-ever vote

Saudi women hold applications to register to vote on August 30, 2015. STR/AFP/Getty Images

For the first time ever, Saudi women will be able to vote and stand for election in Saudi Arabia’s municipal elections — much to the chagrin of some of the conservative forces in the country. A contingent of them teamed up behind a Twitter hashtag which translates as “#The_danger_of_electing_a_woman_in_municipal_elections” and has been used more than 7,500 times in the last month. Several people tweeted that electing women would be “dangerous and unacceptable,” lead to further Westernization and should be prevented by all means. Nevertheless, the hashtag was quickly hijacked by people in favor of women’s rights, such as @jamilfarsi, who wrote in a popular tweet, “The danger of electing a woman in municipal elections is the same danger of your mother raising you to become a man and a member of the municipal councils.” The BBC reported that eventually, slightly more people in favor of giving women the vote in Saudi Arabia were using the hashtag than the opponents who originally started it.

Read the full story at BBC News.

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