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Girl, 11, once clobbered Rafael Nadal in game of ping-pong

By WITW Staff on August 31, 2015

“I don’t think he knew who he was playing with,” Estee Ackerman, now 14 years old, recalls about playing against tennis great Rafael Nadal in a game of ping-pong two years ago. Ackerman is ranked sixth in the nation for girl table tennis players under 15 years of age. She torched Nadal, who enters the U.S. Open as an eighth seed this week, in the matchup, which took place in front of hundreds of spectators in New York City. Ackerman will be in the stands watching Nadal at the U.S. Open. Of her victory over Nadal, she remembered a moment in which she scored a dramatic point, saying, “I remember I smashed one. He looked really surprised.” She continued, “I wouldn’t say I was nervous because I was pretty confident I was better.” Nadal is not the only high-profile person to feel the wrath of Ackerman’s insane table tennis skills (which you can see in action right here) either. Several big names have been taken down by by the feisty little player.

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