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Mind on marriage?

Pakistan sees high rate of female medical students, but few doctors

By WITW Staff on August 30, 2015

More than 70 percent of Pakistan’s medical students are women but few go on to practice, according to the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC). Only 23 percent of the nation’s doctors are women, which Dr. Javed Akram said is because they often go on to marry. “It’s much easier for girls to get married once they are doctors and many girls don’t really intend to work as professional doctors,” he told the BBC. “I know of hundreds of hundreds of female students who have qualified as a doctor or a dentist but they have never touched a patient.” A representative from a marriage bureau told the BBC that a doctor wives are a hot ticket: “In social gatherings, it’s very prestigious to introduce your daughter-in-law or wife as a doctor,” he said. Some have called for a 50/50 quota on male-female admissions at medical schools, claiming it is a solution to end the nation’s shortage of doctors.

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