Gender gap

“Female Funders” challenges women to become angel investors

A new initiative launched by a group of successful women from the tech world is looking to address the immense gender gap for which the industry is notorious. Female Funders is a website designed to give women the tools they need to begin angel investing. The women behind the site set the goal of encouraging 1,000 women to make their first angel investment; women make up a mere 20 percent of all angel investors, according to a report by Forbes — and in the technology sector, that number is even lower. The website started as an idea from Katherine Hague, who sold her own company, ShopLocket, when she was just 23. “Getting women to angel invest is more than just about equality. More women angel investing will mean more funded female-led companies — if for no other reason than because similarity biases tend to attract us to people like us,” Hague told TechCrunch. “Forbes reported that only 5 percent of venture capital funding goes to women led businesses, which is crazy considering the number of studies that show women-led businesses actually perform better.”

Read the full story at TechCrunch.

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