The Week in Women: An airport booze bender, human fruit platters, and a piñata CEO


Food, glorious food. Drink, glorious drink. There is no pleasure on this earth that can match the sheer joy of eating and imbibing. With that in mind, we have curated a glorious intersection of woman-centric and victuals-related news from the past week. Let’s take a look back.

A Chinese woman reportedly downed an entire bottle of the French cognac Remy Martin after customs officials at Beijing Capital International Airport told her that her boozy purchase exceeded the allowable import size. In a shocking turn of events, the woman was then barred from boarding her flight because she was excessively drunk. It’s important to imbibe responsibly and all, but we have to say: this gal seems like she would be a real hoot at parties.

An all-female, African American book club was riding a Napa Valley Wine Train tour when the group was reportedly removed for laughing and talking too loudly. Some members of the club have publicly suggested that the women would not have been removed from the train if they were not black, sparking the now-viral hashtag #LaughingWhileBlack. Representatives of the tour have apologized for the incident, because you really can’t operate a business called the “Wine Train” and then get uppity when passengers are exuberant.

Disgruntled employees of an American Apparel factory took their frustrations out on a candy-filled piñata likeness of Paula Schneider, the company’s CEO. The protestors convened in front of the factory with complaints of wage and benefit losses, and then proceeded to hack at piñata Schneider until chocolate gold coins came spilling out of her metaphoric insides. So that’s one way to get your afternoon sugar fix.

An Australian bar sparked outrage on social media after it decided to display a selection of fruit on the bodies of naked women. Among other things, Cruise Bar was accused of “promoting a culture where women are objectified” and “contributing to the disgusting view that women’s bodies are just a utensil.” Feminist concerns aside, we hope patrons were careful about where they stuck their forks.

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